E-Marketing with Broadview Solutions

E-Marketing techniques and strategies can help any forward-thinking organization be competitive in today’s business environment. The Internet has created a new global economy where you can reach many more customers than with traditional media. These are opportunities to gain new business and having a great website can be an important factor in gaining and retaining a client. We will help you develop key strategies to drive qualified traffic to your Website using the most efficient E-Marketing tactics available, including: permission-based E-mail marketing, Viral Marketing, Search Engine Marketing, Blogging, and harnessing Social Networking elements to attract more customers.

Websites are scrutinized for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Search Engine Marketing (SEM) strategies. Search Engine Marketing drives “qualified” traffic to a website converting visitors to stakeholders. A great website has great content that is original, changing, relevant and keyword rich. Electronic marketing strategies and tactics should form an important part of any integrated marketing plan. Contact us to discuss the elements of a great website and learn how to set and meet electronic marketing goals.

Social Media and Digital Marketing

We can provide a variety of services for your branding and marketing needs.

• Social media account management for Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn and Twitter
• Facebook Ads and Google AdWords Management
• Google Analytics Monitoring
• Permission Based Email Marketing Campaigns
• Corporate and Executive Media Reputation Monitoring
• Competitor Research and Analysis
• Content Marketing Strategy
Contact us for information about our Social Media Packages.

Understanding of an industry is important so your company is appropriately represented in the digital landscape and lead generation opportunities are not missed. We have over 25 years of experience working with a variety of businesses and industries in Metro Vancouver. Our knowledge base includes but is not limited to the following businesses and industries.

Animation, Film and Visual Effects
Architects and Engineers
Business Services
Creative Industries
Education and Nonprofit
Forestry and Mining
Lawyers and Notaries
Real Estate
Video Game

All Social Media Packages include:

-month to month plans with no long term contracts
-daily posts
-competitor research and analysis
-industry research
-social media account monitoring
-interacting with followers
-increasing followers
-spam/troll management
-posts consistent with your branding and marketing strategy
-forwarding queries and opportunities to your office
-forwarding you updates on activity and interactions
-interacting professionally using proper Netiquette
-security conscious never revealing private company information
-promoting your brand, products and services
-prospecting for new customers
-reputation monitoring

Web Development

Web Development services include building and maintaining websites, blogs, and content management systems . Custom HTML , PHP, and mySQL coding services are available. We can help with securing a domain name, setting up hosting and finding the best solutions for your business.

Content Management System (CMS) such as Drupal enable you to easily add content yourself, reducing the costs typically associated with maintaining a website. Tens of thousands of people and organizations are using Drupal to power scores of different web sites, including:

• Community web portals
• Discussion sites
• Corporate web sites
• Intranet applications
• Personal web sites or blogs
• Aficionado sites
• E-commerce applications
• Resource directories
• Social networking sites

A website that is interactive is a website that engages and retains the visitor. Interactivity gives the user a sense of control, builds trust, and creates a relationship with the site visitor. A good interactive technique is something that gets the site visitor to ‘click’. Examples include Comments, Competitions, Polls, Forms, and Web Applications.

A ‘sticky’ website encourages the site visitor to spend time on your website and make them not want to leave. Great content is by far the most important aspect of a website’s stickiness. Content that is original, relevant, and changing will encourage the site visitor to stay and also return again as they will become a loyal follower. Contact us to learn more about our Web Development services.

Network Administration and Troubleshooting

Our troubleshooting expertise can help ensure that your website and email associated with your websites domain address are available at all times. If a website or email becomes unavailable due to a server outage or limited bandwidth you will lose customers and possibly your search engine ranking.

We will ensure your DNS is configured correctly and take steps to make certain you are hosting with a reliable service provider. In addition, our proactive approach ensures a well maintained computer system that can help avoid future unexpected expenses.

Some of our Network Administration services include:

• Troubleshooting and repairing your network equipment
• Overhauling, updating, and invigorating aging or poorly functioning computers
• Establishing reliable Internet connectivity
• Securing computer networks with policies, firewalls, and anti virus systems
• Monitoring network and computer operations to proactively address problems
• Implementing web sites, intranets and wide area networks, and email systems
• Migrating to newer or different versions of computer software and hardware
• Installing and configuring VPNs

Check our FAQ for further details.

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